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VirZOOM, founded in 2015 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is leading the next generation of online, interactive fitness solutions: immersive interactive fitness.

VirZOOM’s 2nd generation sensor-based solution VZfit turns any stationary bike into a VR exercise game and exploration system in minutes for only $99.95 plus $9.95/mo premium content membership.

VZfit runs on new, simple, light and inexpensive 2nd Generation stand-alone VR headsets made by Oculus, the $199 Go and $399 Quest.

Developed by the team that behind major title successes like Guitar Hero and Dance Central, VZfit harnesses the motivational power of VR to engage users in a range of exciting activities in VR.

To play VZfit games and explore the world in VR you pedal your bike to move your avatar, and you turn your avatar by leaning. Your body in the real world controls your avatar in virtual worlds. Actives range from VR cycle racing to multiplayer tank battles. You’re so wrapped up in these activities that you hardly notice that you are getting serious exercise.

VZfit customers call it the “workout without the work” and use VZfit for 26 minutes per session 3 days a week, on average.

A granted patent protects the technology that’s needed to allow the solution meet two key design requirements: exciting activities made possible by motion though huge virtual worlds with six degrees of freedom, and at the same time minimizing locomotion discomfort for the user.

VZfit is aimed at the intersection of two large consumer segments: the 67% of consumers who spend $50B a year on annual club memberships that they use only six or fewer times, and the target audience for the new generation of stand-alone VR headsets, the 2.2 billion active mobile game players to whom VirZOOM’s new, fun and gamified approach to exercise motivation appeals — exercise as a by-product of VR game play and world exploration.

VZfit user engagement and retention are delivering compelling SaaS economics, including a 90% trial-to-paid conversion rate and a 3-month CAC Payback Period.

After selling more than 3,000 first generation units and generating over $1.3M in revenue between 2016 and 2018, in May 2019 VirZOOM launched its second generation solution. Since then the product is gaining solid traction, with 41% average monthly growth year-to-date and over 1,200 accounts created.

The company is raising a $1M round that’s intended to fund the company to profitability in 2020, in order to secure a larger round later in the year at a higher valuation justified by a track record of rapid growth, proven unit and SaaS economics, and capital efficiency.

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Marketing Materials
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Management Bios
Eric Janszen
Co-Founder & CEO
Eric Malafeew
Co-Founder & CFO
Pete MacDonald
Art Director
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News & Articles
VZFit Review: Dust Off That Exercise Bike It's Time To GAME

It’s such an exciting time for VR right now. Interest in the medium has never been higher and forward thinking developers are finally getting the investments they need to make unique virtual reality experiences a reality. Iteration and experimentation are happening at an ever accelerating rate as we barrel towards a Ready Player One eventuality. The days of gimmicky prototypes are in the rear view as VR headsets become lifestyle devices for more and more people. Startup company VirZOOM knows this, and their fitness platform VZFit is a product with the kind of mainstream appeal that has the potential to bring VR to the next level.

How Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Fitness Industry

Consumers can now have immersive workouts, such as cycling, boxing, and tennis, without ever leaving their home.

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VIDEO: Virtual reality can turn a boring workout into a fun game and help you lose weight.

ABC News: Working Out Without The Work

Cambridge-based VirZOOM is a virtual reality fitness company. Its goal is to get people motivated to exercise by playing games in virtual reality. The games require the user to ride a stationary bike in order to play. Founded in 2015, the latest generation of VirZOOM technology is small and relatively inexpensive. Their VZFit sensor kit can be used on any stationary bike as long as the user has compatible virtual reality goggles. The kit allows for access to all VirZOOM game content.

This $99 VR Device Turns Any Stationary Bike Into a Video Game

That stationary bike collecting dust in your basement? It’s about to be the best workout you’ve ever had. And that’s thanks to VZfit, a $99 device that turns your old exercise bike (or any stationary bike) into a gamified workout machine via the magic of virtual reality.

Play immersive, 360-degree shoot ‘em ups, virtually ride any street in the world and compete against other cyclists. All while you’re huffing and sweating your way through a workout, as we discovered in a recent test ride.

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56 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

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