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Sixgill, an IoT sensor platform company, builds the universal data service and smart process automation software allowing any organization to effectively govern its IoE assets. Our primary product, Sense, provides any developer of IoE/IoT applications with ability to Acquire, Analyze and Act on any sensor-generated data, at any scale. Cheap, plentiful sensors are being widely integrated in the planet’s mobile and fixed infrastructures, generating a torrent of time-series data that will overwhelm all prior data volumes. Let’s put it to use.

Sixgill Sense can acquire sensor data from any emitter and provide dynamic sensor data intelligence for appropriate response. Sense is developer-friendly, open, easily adopted, and can be purchased in PaaS or installed, licensed form. It offers any company a single, open platform to unify the sensor data management, process automation and analytics for all your sensor-related applications.

Most people instantly understand this in the context of smartphones jammed with sensors, receivers and transmitters: GPS, wifi, 4G and Bluetooth radios. Optical, audio and motion sensors. And many more types of sensors are embedded in industrial devices and infrastructure, with even more coming.

Serious applications in security, safety, employee productivity, crowd management, assets management, Smart Cities, transportation, manufacturing and governance of autonomous devices are sensor-dependent and demand common collection and intelligence. Our customers can govern their internet-distributed resources through scalable, real-time software services that can acquire any sensor data in any volume, analyze it for actionable insight, and act on it via triggered responses to constantly-changing conditions.

Sixgill: Who We Are

We are a backbone for governance of the Internet of Everything. Sixgill enables the governance of connected assets—people, places and things —with our universal sensor data services platform for easier, faster, and more flexible IoE application development. We unlock the value of IoE and IoT by taking noisy, voluminous data and identifying exception events—the valuable data intersections that are pertinent to business problems that our customers care about in the moment.

Sixgill Informs Organizations With A Holistic, Data-Centric Viewpoint

Know where people are, where they’re moving and what they’re doing to connect and inform them in timely, relevant, valuable ways.

Integrate location based sensor data services to gain dynamic context of connected asset location and motion for targeting, messaging and analytics.

Collect all physical device and object sensor data, understand what assets are available and their operating state to keep all things, behaviors and actions on track.

Comprehend sensor data by combining internal or third party contextual data, such as demographics, weather, etc., and seamlessly integrate analytics and visualization tools for deeper, richer understanding and more nuanced actions.

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Management Bios
Phil Ressler
Chief Executive Officer
Dominiek Ter Heide
Chief Architect & Vice President, R&D
Elizabeth Shonnard
Senior Vice President, Product & Support
Carlos Anchia
Vice President, Production Engineering
Denny Reinert
Vice President, Enterprise Sales
Joan Silver
Vice President, Product Marketing
Logan Spears
Innovation Chief
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