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Family Office Marketplace is an innovative online technology platform developed by Family Office Networks to offer family offices access to alternative investment products and deal-sharing opportunities.

Family Office Networks (FON) is expanding Family Office Marketplace by offering access to issuers that have products suitable for family offices. Traditionally, only family offices within the FON network have been relying on the platform to list their own deals for co-investment and the recent spin-out is in response to growing demand for online platforms to streamline the investment process. Family Office Marketplace is unique in that it has the strongest distribution network of family offices seeking to allocate.

The platform allows family offices to view, list and co-invest in investment opportunities that have been offered to a community of over 10,000 single and multi-family offices.  It includes alternative investment products such as private equity, real estate, real estate, hedge funds, and venture backed transactions.  Family offices utilize the new technology to simplify the investment process in private placement transactions and are able to filter transactions by key parameters such as size, industry, current round and geography.

Our marketplace simplifies the investment process and makes it as efficient as possible for families who want to identify and invest in asset managers and other operators. The overall intent is to get more transactions completed online in a community that is open almost exclusively to family offices and accredited investors.

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • As a family office we’re always eager to meet and network with other substantial families. Family Office Networks new FinTech platform – Family Office Marketplace – is helping us do this much more effectively.

    Family Office Investment Manager
  • Family Office Marketplace is an outstanding way to get deals done faster and easier than in the past. Thanks to today’s technology, and the team’s strong connections with family offices, we were able to successfully close our transaction sooner than anticipated.

    CFO, Issuing Company